Time for Britain to ditch lazy lockdown fashion, says royal designer

The British couturier, 57, who is a firm favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, blames the loungewear trend on “laziness”. She said: “As a nation, we dress quite poorly at the moment. We all got into this loungewear, and it is really time to get out of it now.

“I see a lot of people walking along the road in the morning and I think, ‘Why did you think that top went with those trousers?’

“I’m very understanding of what people can afford. But there are amazing charity shops everywhere. Everyone can look smart. But it is laziness.”

Jenny was being interviewed by her brother, wildlife presenter Chris Packham, at Hay literary festival, in Powys.

She recalled that their father was always smartly dressed, saying: “I’d pop round, he wouldn’t even know we were coming, but he’d have a tie on. He was very smart, and it mattered.

“It is about being smart and ready for whatever is coming your way.”

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