‘Two key ways’ to save on heating bills - makes the ‘biggest difference’ for a warm home

“Use draught proofing tape to seal those spaces, use chimney balloons to block unused chimneys, try thick curtains and keep internal doors closed to avoid hot air escaping. But it’s important to make sure your house is still ventilated where it needs to be, so don’t block areas like window vents, kitchens or bathrooms.”

On average, draught-proofing saves £10 to £50 per year on heating bills, and because draught-free homes are cosy at lower temperatures in winter, households could save an additional 10 percent on their heating bills on top of that figure, according to the insurance company.

Aside from insulation, households need to adjust their radiators if they want to save money on heating bills - particularly when it comes to thermal radiator valves.

Steve said: “Some radiators have rotating dials called TRVs, which give you more control over your heating in a room, but many don’t understand how to use them. 

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