UK weather forecast: Britain braced for frostiest night of year as -6C freeze looms

According to maps and charts, while conditions stay settled due to high pressure, temperatures are set to plunge. Forecasters said frost is set to develop overnight due to the freezing conditions.

Maps from WXCharts show that by Thursday evening temperatures across much of Britain will be 0C, while conditions stay mostly settled.

By midnight however much of England will be freezing, with the Midlands, Wales and the south west of England all seeing -1C on the mercury.

A wind chill will see overnight conditions feel even colder, with WXCharts saying the coldest temperatures in Britain will be -5C.

By 9am on Friday, conditions are set to stay runner, warming up much of the country to 1C-3C.

Ian Simpson, forecaster, wrote on the agency’s website “a northerly outbreak has given eastern parts of Britain a ‘glancing blow’”, but said unsettled weather will have passed by the day’s end.

He then added: “Frost will develop widely over England and Wales and southern and central Scotland tonight, with clear skies and light winds, and the cloud near the east of England will tend to dissipate through the afternoon, evening and overnight.

“Temperatures may fall as low as -5 or -6C in some spots, with -1 to -3C widespread.

“Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland will be cloudier and will stay mainly frost-free, with temperatures staying up at 3 or 4C in most places.”

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The Met Office said in its forecast it will be “frosty for many tonight”, with “clear skies allowing frost to develop across most parts, especially in the south where it will be sharp in rural areas”.

Met Office spokesperson Richard Miles also told “High pressure is in charge over the UK, and a cold front moving south yesterday has preceded the influence of a northerly air mass.

“This will bring below average temperatures for many today, particularly in the south of the UK, but largely clear skies will mean it still feels quite pleasant for most areas.

“Tonight will bring a widespread sharp frost and some places might see their coldest night of 2022 so far, but as temperatures have so far been largely mild this isn’t too extraordinary!

“The picture remains similar for the next few days although cloud will be increasing from the north and west which will keep temperatures higher overnight.”


Mr Miles said some isolated rural areas could see temperatures as low as -6C, but most places will stay a bit above that.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said southerners are set to see colder conditions throughout the week.

He said: “On Friday morning, there’ll be a widespread frost.

“It’ll be perhaps the coldest night of the winter for some southern parts of the country.”

Meanwhile,’s Nick Finnis suggests high pressure could feature for “the rest of this month”.

He said: “The outlook is for high pressure to remain near or over the UK and generally in control of our weather this week and likely through the weekend and into next week, perhaps all the way to the end of the month.

“So, what’s behind the unusual persistence of high pressure this month? To put it as simply as possible, we are seeing a very stagnant western Hemisphere trough and ridge pattern since around the 10th of January.

“This means there’s little impetus to shift the positions of the troughs that bring low pressure and ridges that bring high pressure.”

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