Five key challenges Rishi Sunak must meet to get Britain back on track

1. Halve inflation this year.

With the country in the grip of a cost of living crisis Rishi Sunak knows that getting a firm grip on rising prices is one of his biggest and most immediate challenges.

It is an achievable pledge as there are early signs that inflation might have already peaked and the Bank of England has already predicted it will fall rapidly mid-way through this year.

However, there will still be huge challenges facing households, not least those who are facing higher mortgage payments because interest rates have gone up.

The cost of living will undoubtedly be one of the issues that dominates the rest of his premiership.

2. Grow the economy.

If the first pledge is achievable the second is a bit more difficult. The UK is currently in recession, meaning that growth has stalled.

Mr Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt have previously vowed to make sure this is a shallow recession. But that’s easier said than done as the country staggers out of the post pandemic period.

Realistically the PM has a bit more time on this one with the next general election not until 2024. If he can get the economy firing before then he will have done well.

3. Make sure national debt is falling.

Rishi Sunak has made getting control of the public finances one of his priorities since he took office.

But he is facing an uphill struggle thanks to the huge Government interventions during the height of the Covid pandemic and subsequent support with energy bills.

Again, this is a pledge that takes time but the former Chancellor has already demonstrated that he has a record of credibility.

4. NHS waiting lists will fall.

Now it gets more tricky. When it comes to the nation’s finances Mr Sunak is in his comfort zone. But reducing NHS waiting lists in England is a tough nut to crack, especially with the post-pandemic nightmare he has inherited.

Last year waiting lists for non-urgent treatment and appointments were predicted to only start falling by March 2024.

Covid has now begun to soar again, impacting hospitals, reducing bed numbers for those needing routine care. Flu cases this winter have also hit hospitals hard. Strikes will also affect matters.

5. Stopping migrant boats

When asked by the Daily Express yesterday Mr Sunak vowed that cracking down on the migrant crisis is a “top priority”.

It’s certainly an issue that Conservative voters care deeply about and one that the PM gets his ear bent most by his backbench MPs.

The PM has already promised action, announcing in December the Government would be bringing forward new legislation this year.

He’s already set targets to reduce the backlog of asylum cases this year - something that can be directly measured.

Reducing the small boat crossings - which hit 45,000 last year - will be the real litmus test as to whether his tough rhetoric is backed up by real achievements.

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